Thursday, 3 April 2014

Blondie's Brand New Single 'I Want To Drag You Around' Gets Its World Exclusive Play On Britain's BBC Radio 2

Blondie, whose new single is 'I Want To Drag You Around'
Britain's most listened-to radio station, BBC Radio 2, premiered Blondie's brand new single 'I Want To Drag You Around'.

The track, written by Kiwi band The Dukes - was given its world première on adult contemporary station BBC Radio 2. Very shortly beforehand, the station tweeted that the première would occur during radio presenter Ken Bruce's morning segment: "So, Ken Bruce has a special treat for you today, a world exclusive play of Blondie's new single, 'I Want To Drag You Around'."

Bruce declared that the song would be the lead single of Blondie's upcoming new studio album 'Ghosts Of Download'. Together, the album and an album or re-recorded hits entitled 'Greatest Hits: Deluxe Redux' will be out in May, he added.

Check out a live recording of the new single, taken from Blondie's 'No Principles Tour' last year, below:

Blondie bulletins:
  • Debbie Harry was interviewed for this month's edition of Italy's Rolling Stone magazine, available from 9 April.
  • Debbie will grace the cover of Lady Gunn magazine next month.

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